World Language Honor Society 2017

Felicidades! 91 NS High School Students Inducted into World Language Honor Society

Congratulations to all of the North Shore High School students who were inducted into the World Language Honor Society. Teacher Steven Burgos said “It is a great honor to welcome you all to the 2017 World Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony.  Tonight we are here to celebrate an important accomplishment that not all students are able to achieve. In order for students to be accepted into this society they must complete an application in the form of an essay answering two questions: 1. What is the global value of studying other languages and cultures? 2. How has taking a language in high school helped you grow as a person, and how have you used what you learned to contribute to society outside of the classroom?

Congratulations go out to the following students including Brianna Centeno, Kaitlin Channell, Samaera Hirsch, Julia Lanotte, Jacqueline Long, Collin O’Sullivan, Elle Rieger Caroline Schwab, Maxine Selye, Sydney Zaremba, Isabel Zorn (French Students), Gerge Andris, Julia Barbieri, Hally Marie Bello, Lauren Chieppa, Isabella DiBenedetto, Lindsey Golden, Jacqueline Kaider, Abby Kolkhorst, Melissa Leone, Hannah Moran, Marianna Oropallo, Lauren Santucci, Michael Santucci, Olivia Santucci, Lidia Sferrazza, Emma Spina, Erin Stanton, Jillian Weydig, Helena Yun, John Yun, Teresa Zangari (Italian Students), Martha Braun, Liam Gaeta, Grant Goodman, Morgan Lopez, Ethan Loring, Blake Mandell, Dylan McGinley, Eileen Quinn, Kristen Reid, Kinsale Reilly (Latin Students), and Evelyn Acuna, Gene Alvarez, Jessica Alvarez, Stephanie Argyropoulos, Ethan Baron, Jared Bazan, Emilie Biolsi, Peter Christensen, Kyle Commando, Madeline D'Amico, Siobhan Esposito, Maya Farrally-Plourde, Micaela Feehan, Chloe Fichtl, Payton FitzPatrick, Selena Fortich, Danielle Fossett, Daniella Genzale, Isabelle Glennon, Christina Green, Katelyn Hart, Zachary Hasbrouck, Sean Hehn, Katelyn Hoyle, Meagan Kearney, Perry Kleemann, Nicholas Lacomba, Alexis Lovaglio, James Mastakouris, Katherine Morales, Nicolette Nanis, Audrey O'Brien, Collin O'Sullivan, Elizabeth Oswald, Victoria Palone, Alexandra Papalcure, Madeline Podaras, Andrea Ramnarine, April Rowell, Lucas Salerno, Danielle Smith, Christopher Sola, John E. Stalzer, Lili Sturge, Kathryn Sweeney, Oscar Varela, Jose Vela, Elysian Wagner, and Alexandra Weil (Spanish Students).

Mr. Burgos added, “These students have proved that they care so much about something so important that they see valuable to their future for various reasons. They are ready to move on to their next stage of life after this year and use what they learned in their language class about both language and culture to make a positive impact as effective communicators and global citizens. We are so proud of you, congratulations!”

Special thanks go out to all of the teachers in the World Language department at North Shore High School and Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Peter Giarrizzo, who also spoke at the event. It was a memorable World Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony for all of those in attendance including proud family, friends, and faculty members. Congratulations to all!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman with assistance from teacher Steven Burgos

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