Congratulations North Shore Middle School Students Who Participated in
LI Math Fair & LI Science & Engineering Fair

The North Shore School District wants to congratulate all of the North Shore Middle School students who participated in math and science research this year.

Ms. Amy DiMeola, MS Math and Science Teacher Leader said, “Our STEM department is very proud of twenty-one students who spent this year studying topics in mathematics. Nineteen of these students delivered their presentations at the Long Island Math Fair at Hofstra University on April 28, 2017. We were delighted to learn that of these students, two earned gold medals, five earned silver, and ten earned bronze medals.” Congratulations goes out to the following North Shore Middle School students who prepared research papers and presentations: 

Daniel Boratin - Magic Squares
Saniya Jasani - Magic Squares
Eileen Zhao - Magic Squares
Dean Caldwell - Codes and Ciphers
Lucas Castle - Codes and Ciphers
James Reiner - Codes and Ciphers
Evie McCreery - Binary Code
Rebekah Lando - Platonic Solids
James Vanchieri - Platonic Solids
Ella Blumenthal - Zeno's Paradox
Nick Brancato - Zeno's Paradox
Katie Ditrano - Math in Rollercoasters
Dhruv Gandhi - Math in Rollercoasters
Olivia Lamond - Pascal's Triangle
Brandon Borom - Tessellations
Noah Pastula - Conic Sections
George Zacharadis - The Birthday Paradox
Patrick Reynolds - Euler's Number
Christina Efstathiadis - The Golden Rectangle
Jeremy Pelts - Four Color Theorem
Scott Lenney - Topology

Additionally, in science, Kate Wesley-Jones studied The Effects of Photos on the Perceptions of Shelter Dogs. She earned an award for this project at the Long Island Science Congress and also earned 3rd place in the Long Island Science and Engineering FairMs.Amy DiMeola concluded by saying, “Kate became interested in this project because of her love for animals. Her hope is to shed light on ways to best photograph shelter dogs to increase their adoption rate.” 

Student with Math Project

Math Fair Students

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