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The web-based portal will be opened at the conclusion of the 3rd week of school during each quarter.

It will be closed on the last day of each quarter. The portal dates for 2016-2017 are as follows:

1st Quarter Ends 11/09/2017
2nd Quarter Ends 1/26/2018
3rd Quarter Ends 3/29/2018
4th Quarter Ends 6/07/2018

Portal Opens 09/15/2017 Portal Closes 11/09/2017 
Portal Opens 11/21/2017 Portal Closes 01/26/2018 
Portal Opens 02/09/2018 Portal Closes 03/29/2018 
Portal Opens 04/12/2018 Portal Closes 06/07/2018

Midterm Exams 1/23/2018 – 1/26/2018
AP Exams 5/07/2018 – 5/24/2018
IB Exams 5/07/2018 – 5/24/2018
Final/Regents Exams 6/08/2018 – 6/21/2018
*Please consult the school calendar for the full schedule of important dates.


Elemertary Portal Schedule:

March 26th: Portal Opens for T2 Online Report Cards
March 13th: Portal Closes
June 20th: Portal Opens for T3 Online Report Cards
June 27th: Portal Closes


Click This Link to Access The Parent Portal

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