Sea Cliff 5th Graders Move Up

SC Immigration Day

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture and enrich our students' natural delight in learning and in the powers of mind and body

Each child's awakening into confident young adulthood requires guided engagement with vital ideas and events of the past to realize fresh possibilities and discoveries for the future.  | We aspire to foster in our students those qualities of character consonant with the ideals of a democratic society. We are committed to reaching beyond routine expectations in a learning environment that encourages inquiry and builds its daily practice upon respect for oneself and others.

Admistrative Team

North Shore Sea Cliff


280 Carpenter Avenue
Sea Cliff, NY 11579

Sea Cliff Attendance Office: Pat Warner

Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo EMAIL
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Christopher Zublionis EMAIL
Assistant Superintendent for Business Ms. Olivia Buatsi EMAIL
Central Office Secretary Betty Ciampi EMAIL
Central Office Secretary Sophia Kulikowsky EMAIL
Central Office Secretary Lois Straber EMAIL
  Principal Mrs. Jeanette Wojcik EMAIL
  Main Office Secretary Candy Capobianco EMAIL
  Main Office Secretary Liz Howell EMAIL

  Computer Technology ┬áMr. Elliot Kaye EMAIL
  Elementary Humanities Ms. Devra Small EMAIL
  Elementary STEM Dr. Carol Smyth EMAIL
  Fine & Performing Arts Ms. Dalia Rodriguez EMAIL

Foreign Language Guidance

Ms. Linda Binion EMAIL
  Physical Education Mr. Don Lang EMAIL
  Public Relations Ms. Shelly Newman EMAIL
  Special Education Mr. Christopher Marino EMAIL
  Elementary Assistant Director of Special Education Ms. Francine Paladino EMAIL

  Arena, Doug EMAIL
  Aureliano, Maria EMAIL
  Bader, Victoria EMAIL
  Blake, Richard EMAIL
  Boyle (Rizzo), Audra EMAIL
  Bridgwood, Ryan EMAIL
  Brottenberg, Dawn EMAIL
  Callahan, Michelle EMAIL
  Capobianco, Candy EMAIL
  Castillo, Maria EMAIL
  Cherry, Meredith EMAIL
  Considine, Bob EMAIL
  Cooper, Rozi EMAIL
  Cunneen, Kim EMAIL
  Dahl, Dorian EMAIL
  Deegan, Patricia EMAIL
  Demeo, Karin EMAIL
  DeNicola, Craig EMAIL
  Desmond, Linda EMAIL
  Falco, Pat EMAIL
  Farrell, Mary EMAIL
  Feibus (DeFeo), Lindsay EMAIL
  Gershburg, Lisa EMAIL
  Gilroy, Amy EMAIL
  Giurlanda, Lisa EMAIL
  Glickman, Julie EMAIL
  Goetz, Therese EMAIL
  Haas, Kevin EMAIL
  Hassani, Mojdeh EMAIL
  Hassett-Bordes, Ashley EMAIL
  Helig, Peter EMAIL
  Hild, Danielle EMAIL
  Howell, Elizabeth EMAIL
  Kaye, Adrien EMAIL
  Ketcham, Gary EMAIL
  Kimmel, Trish EMAIL
  Kranz, Michelle EMAIL
  Krupin, Diane EMAIL
  Kushel, Eylse EMAIL
  Lamberti, Maureen EMAIL
  Langenbach, Lauren EMAIL
  Larson, Jodie EMAIL
  Lawatsch, Beth EMAIL
  Leonard, Karen EMAIL
  Levy, Melissa EMAIL
  Liberman, Heather EMAIL
  Livoti, Sandra EMAIL
  Loschiavo, Pam EMAIL
  Makowski, Arlene EMAIL
  Marteena, Chiovan EMAIL
  Mazur, Jennifer EMAIL
  Mazza, Marie EMAIL
  McAssey, Meredith EMAIL
  McCormack, Megan EMAIL
  Melchione, Danielle EMAIL
  Mihopulos, Mark EMAIL
  Morley, Erin EMAIL
  O'Donnell, Jean Marie EMAIL
  Pantaleo, Rita EMAIL
  Pipala, Elizabeth EMAIL
  Rizzo, Joe EMAIL
  Roberts, Amie EMAIL
  Roberts, Arlene EMAIL
  Robertson, Kerry EMAIL
  Robles, Roxsi EMAIL
  Rodriguez, Olivia EMAIL
  Sasso, Mary EMAIL
  Schlesinger, Caryn EMAIL
  Schulz, Andrea EMAIL
  Schultz,David EMAIL
  Shields, Shannon EMAIL
  Tanner, Michelle EMAIL
  Terranova, Gia EMAIL
  Tubby, Lois EMAIL
  Uanino, Julie Ann EMAIL
  Victoria, Pat EMAIL
  Wainer, Isabelle EMAIL
  Warner, Pat EMAIL
  Watkins, Bonnie EMAIL
  Weiner, Melissa EMAIL
  Weingust, Lori EMAIL
  Wenz, Karen EMAIL
  Zidel, Marnie EMAIL
  Dima, Lilah EMAIL