Thank You! Glenwood Landing SCA for New 21st Century Learning Environment

Thank you to the Glenwood Landing SCA who donated resources and funding to help create the new SWES/STEAM Lab. The new STEAM lab and “Creativity Cave” are located on the lower level of Glenwood Landing School for all K-5 students.

The new 21st Century SWES/STEAM LAB is filled with new equipment, furniture, and flexible seating arrangements that can be tailored to the specific learners and learning styles of all of the Glenwood Landing children utilizing the space. The new equipment and furniture enable students to grow and learn best physically. For example, the Chalk Board Bar and Dry Erase Tables contain various surfaces for students to more easily plan and design ideas and concepts during different brainstorming sessions, science labs, and engineering lessons throughout the school year.

Additionally, the state-of-the art flexible seating options allow students to explore which seating and settings best suit them as learners. The more modern and brightly colored furniture now featured in the GWL lower level environment includes: scoop rockers, twist stools, ergo novelty chairs, bounce ball seats. cushion chairs, high and low stools, lapdesks, and collaborative tables/desks. These can all be moved around and positioned in various ways for students to learn best physically while remaining engaged and comfortable during their lessons.

Thank you again to the Glenwood Landing SCA for sponsoring this incredible new 21st Century learning space for all of the students at GWL School.
Article and photos by Shelly Newman

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