January Reading Celebration at Glen Head School

Glen Head Reading Celebration Begins
“Read, Reuse, Recycle”

The annual Glen Head School Reading Celebration began on January 3, 2018. Principal Lori Nimmo hosted the Opening Ceremony with the theme, "Read, Reuse, Recycle!"
She stated, “We want to help students see that the knowledge we acquire through books is borrowed from the library shelves, recycled into our own words and reused as a new idea or quality research project that is shared with others.”
Principal Nimmo added, “We will be talking about the need to take responsibility for our environment. The books we read give us the information we need to learn about what may be harming our earth and offer ways we can protect it. The options are endless when you encourage students to discover different ways to recycle, reuse and repurpose materials into useful items or artwork.”
During the next few weeks, Glen Head students will be reading lots of books related to the theme, parents will be visiting as reading partners, and guest author, Peter Brown, will be visiting on January 10th. The Book Fair will take place during the week of January 16th.
Two additional activities for the children of Glen Head School to consider during the reading celebration include:

  • Creating a robot out of recycled materials only. The robots will be on display for all to see and used to help welcome Peter Brown as his book, Wild Robot, is a favorite!
  • Swapping books with other Glen Head School students

During the opening Reading Celebration Ceremony, Principal Nimmo read “The Tin Forrest,” which exemplified the celebration theme, "Read, Reuse, Recycle!" As in the past, students are always encouraged to read throughout the year, but for the celebration, reading logs will be noted and calculated for each student so that totals can be summarized at the end of the month.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman

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