C.R.E.W. (Curious Readers, Enthusiastic Writers) Ceremony Begins at Glenwood Landing School

C.R.E.W. Begins at Glenwood Landing
“The Sport of Reading and Writing”

In January 2018, Glenwood Landing began its month long C.R.E.W. (Curious Readers Enthusiastic Writers) festival with an exciting school-wide assembly celebrating almost 30 years of C.R.E.W. Principal Finder kicked off the ceremony by running with an “Olympic” torch down the aisle of the GWL theatre followed by her staff and faculty dressed in different sports apparel. This year, the C.R.E.W. committee proudly stated that the theme was “The Sport of Reading and Writing” inspired by the upcoming 2018 Olympics. Students will be encouraged all month to read books about fiction, poetry, non-fiction, biographies, and science fiction, just to name a few and write about them! The enjoyable ceremony was filled with songs and a presentation summarizing all of the educational activities that will take place during the month of January including theme-related STEAM projects!

Some exciting new and traditional events that are planned for C.R.E.W. this year include:

  • A visit by author, Peter Brown, children writer of “The Wild Robot”
  • Buddy Reading & Writing, inter-classes share reading and writing together
  • Guest Readers, a special time when parents and/or family members and friends come to Glenwood Landing School to read to the students
  • Olympic and other trivia!
  • “St. Jude StoryQuest, which includes raising money for children with cancer. Last year, approximately over $1,000 was raised by Glenwood Landing School for this important cause.
  • C.R.E.W. Button Contest, a favorite activity where each student participates in drawing the new C.R.E.W. button. During the opening ceremony, the best student buttons from each grade were selected and the children were called up onstage. Additionally, the 2018 school-wide button contest winner was Avery FitzPatrick. Congratulations to all of the students for creating such beautiful C.R.E.W. buttons!  

While students read and write all year long, the month of C.R.E.W. reinforces these skills by continuing to focus on genres including poetry, fairytales, non-fiction, personal narratives, biographies, memoirs, and picture books. Additionally, many, many library activities will take place throughout the month.

During C.R.E.W., students will be challenged to read more books than the year before!
Many thanks go out to the teachers, staff, the C.R.E.W. committee, and the Glenwood Landing School-Community Association (SCA) who are all essential in the success of this event.  

Article and photos by Shelly Newman

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