Valedictorian & salutarian

Congratulations North Shore 2018 Valedictorian & Salutatorian

Valedictorian, Hally Marie Bello

Hally Marie Bello took the podium at the 2018 North Shore High School Commencement Ceremony while her peers, teachers, family, and friends watched with joy and admiration. She began her speech by stating, “I would of course like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me get here. To my teachers, you helped me find my interests and pursue them, and for that I am endlessly grateful. To my friends, you made high school a place that I wanted to be, as opposed to a place I was required to be. A shout-out goes to Robogym for making high school a place I wanted to stay for an extra seven hours every day. Lastly, to my family and especially to my parents, I could write pages upon pages about how you have made me who I am today. Thank you for that. …”  Hally later concluded by saying, “We have all learned many things in these four years of high school. Now, it’s our choice to use these tools how we please. We can become George Parkers and scam people into buying well known tourist attractions (although I personally would advise against this as Parker spent much of his life in prison), or we can find the things that we love to do and use the tools we have been given to do them with avidity.”  

It is clear from reviewing Hally’s extensive list of awards and honors that she has approached every challenge of her high school career with hard work, passion, and dedication. This is reflected in her numerous accomplishments including member of the Rho Kappa Honor Society, National Honor Society, Mathematics Honor Society (Co-President), Science Honor Society, and Italian Honor Society.

While her academic accomplishments have been outstanding, Hally also participated in a myriad of fulfilling activities including the Robotics Team, she was a Long Island Math Fair Gold Medalist, and a Writing Fellow. She will be attending Tufts University in the Fall and majoring in Computer Science. Everyone at the North Shore Schools is very proud of her many accomplishments and wishes Hally Marie Bello only the very best of luck now and in the future.

Salutatorian, Perry Kleemann

“High School is not defined as a set of definite memories, experiences, or lessons we’ve learned,” said Perry Kleemann at the North Shore High School Commencement Ceremony. “Choosing one defining, minute event that occurred
does a disservice to our memories and our own recollection of the past. Rather, it is the people that influence us to be the person we are that hasten to remain in our persona and our lives. These people have been an integral part of all our lives, pushing us to not only succeed academically but also to challenge us, to make us think, to make us cultivate new understanding, and to make us further ourpersonal growth...We should also be steadfastly mindful of our own thoughts and beliefs, as well as our own identity and development. Striking this balance is key to excelling and reaching our full potential in this world... He concluded by saying, “Now, it is time for us to embark on a new journey. This undoubtedly crazy roller coaster ride is now over; yet, we are all now passengers on the newer, taller, faster, scarier, but nonetheless, more exciting ride that is life. While we close this door and open another, we should have no doubt in our talents and fervor to prosper in all of our endeavors...”

Perry has received many awards and honors at North Shore including the Colorado School of Mines Medal of Achievement in Math and Science, Clarkson Achievement Award, and Dr. Bomberick Award for Excellence in Science. He was a member of the National Honor Society, National History Honor Society (Vice President), National Spanish Honor Society, and an AP Scholar with Honors. Additionally, Perry was the Captain of the Men’s Varsity Swim Team, achieved MVP and All Conference for Varsity Swimming, was an assistant coach for the Country Club Swim Team, a tutor for the Writing Center, a photographer and editor of the Yearbook Club, and somehow found time to  work part-time as a cashier at Holiday Farms. He will be attending Wesleyan University majoring in Biology and minoring in Economics.

Lots of luck to both Perry Kleemann and Hally Marie Bello! We at the North Shore Schools are all so very proud of both students and congratulate them for their dedication, passion, courage, and talent. This is only the beginning and we celebrate you and the entire North Shore High School Class of 2018.


Article by Shelly Newman Photos by Adrienne Daley