Middle School Viking Explorers First Expedition  to Tappen Beach

Article and Youtube video written and produced by eighth grader, Layla Morrissey

The Viking Explorers field trip to Tappen Beach was so much fun! The day started when we all got on the bus at second period ready for action. When we got to the beach the first thing we did was unload the supplies that we brought with us. We brought several different nets for catching specimens, waders so we could go deep into the water, a water testing kit so we could test the quality of the ocean water, and of course the underwater robots made by students in the class of 2017-2018.

Next, it was time to have fun! The Viking Explorers caught many different types of specimens like fish, crabs, snails, etc., Every student participated in a scavenger hunt, where we searched for and cataloged specimens that all belonged to different kingdoms. The Viking Explorers experimented with the underwater robots so that we could learn more about them, and acquire ideas for their own underwater robots that we are currently building. When it was time for the crew to go back to school, we were refreshed with new ideas. The Viking Explorers hope that we can make our robots even better than the amazing ones that we tested!

Please check out this awesome video:

Article and video, written and produced by Layla Morrissey (8th Grade Viking Explorer)
Photos provided by MS teacher, Mr. Keith Slack.

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