An Introduction to the Native American Unit

Glenwood Landing Students Learn about Native American Life on Long Island

Glenwood Landing Enrichment Teacher Audra Marcantonio led Glenwood Landing students in a hands-on lesson about Native American life on Long Island in mid-October 2018. This tradition is an introduction to the Native American unit of the fourth grade curriculum.

Fourth grade students as well as kindergarten through second graders had the opportunity to study inside a longhouse and examine various wildlife specimens including deer hides, animal bone tools, and shell rattles. Additionally, students engaged in hands-on activities including corn grinding, drumming, and wampum necklace making; and played Native American games such as “pick-up bones!

The Wilderness Museum (formally under the direction of Tipi Ted) has annually brought this enrichment program to all three North Shore Elementary Schools. The goal of the program is to help illustrate to the students in an educational and interactive way how Native American tribes lived, gathered food, and even enjoyed games many years ago on Long Island.

Article by Shelly Newman

Photos by Audra Marcantonio and GWL teachers

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