Multimedia Students Learn Principles of Great Design, Photo Manipulation, and Typography Seen in Today’s Design Industry
North Shore High School students in Ms. Green’s Multimedia class learned the principles of great design, photo manipulation, and typography seen in today’s design industry. They used professional applications like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create digital drawings, characters design, cartooning, logos, advertisements, magazine layouts, movie posters and more!
Ms. Green said, “At the completion of the course, my students created a digital portfolio using an online website design software to showcase their work.”
Below are examples of Magazine Covers, Bottle Splash advertisements, and Movie posters from the past few weeks. Some of the topics that are covered in the course include:

  • Principles of great graphic design
  • Digital drawing and tracing
  • Typography and text effects
  • Photo manipulation
  • Designing and creating a logo
  • Design layouts and composition
  • Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator skills
  • Creating a digital portfolio

Ms. Green continued, “I want to help my students learn various professional techniques in Photoshop which are used by the top professionals as well as create stunning photo manipulation and artwork. Using Photoshop for photo manipulation is a widely used technique in concept design, advertising, digital art, graphic design and more. The unique skill, of using photo manipulation is all about depicting an idea, message, or story that a digital artist wants to convey to their viewers.” She added, “I want my students to master design skills as well as computer skills to better prepare them for a future career in the design industry.”
Students in Ms. Green Multimedia class include Robbie Brown, Logan Citko, Cullen Deaglan Doyle
Krista Eder, Emma Rivera, Jason Saulle, Thomas Seipp, and Daniel Seringer.
The Multimedia projects include:

  • Lesson Title: - Movie Poster

Introduction: A client has requested a full color movie poster be created for their latest movie: “Photoshop”. The genre of this movie is open to your own interpretation. Anything goes (i.e.: horror, romantic, comedy, adventure, sci fi, etc.), the goal is to convey an idea of what the movie is about and to persuade people to watch the movie. You may use whatever Photoshop style you like:  painting, illustration, photo manipulation, or combinations of all.

Students will

  • Create a posters title based on a tool/effect/filter or concept learned in Photoshop
  • Learn the principles and elements of poster design
  • Use advance Photoshop skills and a movie poster Photoshop online tutorial
  • Include a tagline, movie credits and opening date
  • Lesson Title: - Beverage Splash Advertisement

Introduction: A print ad is a type of marketing meant to specifically appear in a printed material that customers read, most often a newspaper or a magazine. Design a print advertisement for a beverage of your choice using downloaded paint brushes, splash ad techniques and the top trends in today’s world of print advertising.
Students will

Design logo and label for beverage of their choice using Illustrator

Create advertisement title slogan for beverage

Download different Photoshop paint brushes to use in their ad

Create water drops on bottle and bottle reflection using advanced Photoshop tools

  • Lesson Title: Magazine Cover

Introduction: Magazine publishers, editors, and art directors know the importance of the cover image 80 percent of consumer magazines sales are determined by what is shown on the cover. Your assignment is to design a cover for a popular magazine of your choice. Its cover artwork will be created in Photoshop using photo manipulation and your design will be based on how you interpret the story.
Students will:

  • Find your article teaser and collect images for photo manipulation
  • Design a background and main image using advanced Photoshop tools
  • Insert the issue date, volume number, barcode and issue price.
  • Create headings for articles using 2 different sizes, fonts, colors and add text effects.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman